Improving our future by leveraging AI, big data, and the blockchain

Providing advisory services for AI related projects that aim to solve real world problems.


1 EMOT = $0.01

1 GRPH = $10.00

Core services

Platform architecture & Tokenization

Assist in the architecture of any platform, and how items in the ecosystem interact together. How our EMOT tokens can be beneficial to your platform. 

Business Strategy & Advisory

Our experienced team can guide your business in the right direction by proffering best strategies to explore, which are geared towards measurable ROIs. If you plan an ICO, just remember that we are very connected in the ICO space.

ICO Turnkey solutions

We assist in the running of the ICO from start to finish at the most affordable cost in the ICO space. We do not believe in ripping off our cherished clients like most other solutions do.

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Our Objective

We believe in a smarter and more efficient world powered by decentralized systems that ensure transparency, reduced costs in maintenance, and robustness.

We would enjoy to assist and advise any ideas, startups or organizations wishing to solve real world problems by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and the benefits of the Blockchain.

Sentiment Based Research

At Tobius, we challenge ourselves with attempts to improve human lives by innovating around futurism. If we can effectively predict certain future event outcomes, then we can eliminate and prevent unwanted ones. Think about a world with no crimes, mass shootings, illegal activity, and cancer. All this can be achieved through hyper research in sentiment/emotion analysis all decentralized in the blockchain and transparent to all.


The emotional token

While any company could create and use their own tokens for access and utility within their own decentralized systems or platforms, other companies and startups may wish to leverage external tokens. We are proud to have partnered with Sentigraph Inc., a US-based company that has invented the Graph Index (GI), which is used to determine emotional value of any data in a given network. There are currently more partnership deals in the pipeline.

EMOT tokens can be purchased from our EMOT vault, which is an Ethereum smart contract that issues EMOT to the users of the company's platform after it has been integrated.

Details about EMOT Private Sale  and participation can be found here


The perk token

Our customers, supporters, and major investors may be issued a "thank you" token for partnering with us. This is based on our belief that every achievement deserves a token of appreciation.

During our outreaches to developing nations, we would be incentivizing Heroes, who go above and beyond in improving our future by their current activities in the areas of Technology (AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain solutions, Mathematics, and the Sciences).

GRAPH is a Waves based token.

You can learn about GRAPH here

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